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ARR has many stats that affect your game play. There are 6 primary attributes, 6 element resistances and many other properties. The starting attributes are determined by the race/clan. Additional attributes can be obtained from the armors and leveling up. For each class, you will be given Bonus points as well.

Primary Attributes

  • Strength: Strength is the primary damage dealing stat for melee classes or jobs such as Lancer/Dragoon, pugilist/Monk, Marauder/Warrior and Gladiator/Paladin . It also increases the amount of damage your mitigate when you block (or parry) an enemy attack.
  • Dexterity: Dexterity is the primary damage dealing stat for archer and bard. Dexterity also increases the chance of the block/parry.
  • Vitality : Vitality increases maximum HP.
  • Intelligence : Intelligence is the primary offensive stat for spell casting classes and jobs. Higher intelligence corresponds to higher Attack Magic Potency.
  • Mind : Mind is the primary healing stat for healers such as conjurer, White Mage and Scholar. Higher Mind means higher Healing Magic Potency.
  • Piety : Piety increases maximum MP.

The primary attributes are determined by the followings: Base Attributes inherited from the race/clan, Class Attributes increased automatically while leveling up, Additional Attributes obtained from weapons/armors and Bonus Attributes allocated by the player.

Base Attributes

Base Attributes are determined by the race/clan as follows:

Hyur Midlander 21 19 20 21 18 21
Hyur Highlander 23 20 22 18 20 17
Elezen Wildwood 19 23 18 22 17 21
Elezen Duskwight 20 20 19 23 20 18
Roegadyn Sea Wolves 22 18 23 17 21 19
Roegadyn Hellsguard 20 17 21 20 22 20
Mi’Qote Seekers of the Sun 21 22 20 18 19 20
Mi’Qote Keepers of the Moon 18 21 17 19 23 22
Lalafell Plainsfolk 18 22 18 21 20 21
Lalafell Dunesfolk 17 20 17 21 22 23

Class Attributes

The primary attributes are increased automatically when leveling up. The increment for each attribute is determined by the class/job. For example, a Gladiator will have higher STR than Thaumaturge.

Additional Attributes

There are the attributes obtained from the weapons or armors.

Bonus Attributes

Starting from Level 10, you will be given Bonus points to be allocated to the primary attributes of your choice. The stat build will be discussed in individual class/job guide. The bonus attribute allocation can be reset using Grand Company seals.

3. Offense

3.1 Offensive Properties

Offensive Properties improve the physical and magical attacks:

  • Accuracy
  • Critical Hit Rate
  • Determination

Physical Properties

  • Attack Power: Increases thedamage dealt by physical attacks.
  • Skill Speed: Reduces the recast time of weapon skills.

Mental Properties

  • Attack Magic Potency: Increases the damage dealt by magical spells.
  • Healing Magic Potency: Increases HP recovered by spells.
  • Spell Speed: Reduces the cast and recast times of spells.


Elemental Resistances

Elemental Resistances reduce the damage received from elemental attacks such as fire, ice, wind, earth, lightning or water. The base resistances are determined by Guardian you choose during character creation. However, the differences are very small.

Defensive Properties

  • Defense: Reduces the damage received from physical attacks.
  • Parry: Increases the probability that an attack will be blocked or parried.
  • Magic Defense: Reduces the damage received from magical attacks.

Physical Resistance

  • Slashing: Reduces the damage received from slashing attacks.
  • Piercing: Reduces the damage received from piercing attacks.
  • Blunt: Reduces the amount of damage received from blunt attacks.


  • Craftsmanship: Increases the progress for crafting actions.
  • Control: Increases the amount of quality for crafting actions.


  • Gathering: Increases the probability of receiving an item.
  • Perception: Increases the probability of receiving a high quality item.

PvP Properties

  • Morale: PvP has not been implemented as of 2.0


Currently we are still gathering information on various formula. You may refer to this document for now.

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