Thaumaturge / Black Mage Guide

Thaumaturge (THM) is a ranged casting DPS class. Thaumaturge has good single target, AoE and combat control (sleep) skills. When played correctly, Thaumaturge will never run out of MPs. Althought it is arguable, Thaumaturge might be the strongest DPS in the game. At Level 30, Thaumaturge can progress to Black Mage (BLM) job (requires Level 15 Archer).


Thaumaturge starts at Ul’Dah. Thaumaturge uses scepters (with shields) or staffs as arms. The primary stat is Intelligence. Thaumaturge casts magic from either Fire or Ice granting them a Astral Fire or Umbral Ice effect. Astral Fire increases the damage of fire effects with very high mana cost. Umbral Ice, on the other hand, increases mana regenerate substantially and offer no damage bonus. For this reason, Thaumaturge should use fire as much as possible until mana is getting low.

Thaumaturge Skills

  • DoT: Thunder (Level 6), Thunder II (Level 22), Thunder III (Level 46)
  • Single Target Fire: Fire (Level 2), Fire III (Level 34).
  • Single Target Ice: Blizzard (Level 1), Blizzard III(Level 38)
  • AoE Fire: Fire II (Level 18)
  • AoE Ice: Blizzard II (Level 12)
  • Scathe (Level 15): Instant. Useful for killing enemy with low HP.
  • Sleep (Level 10): Combat control. It will sleep multiple enemies when Deep Sleep trait obtained at Level 36.
  • Transpose (Level 4): Swap between Fire and Ice buff.
  • Surecast (Level 8): Next spell will be without interruption.
  • Swiftcast (Level 26): Next spell will be instant.
  • Manaward (Level 30): Reduce Damage.
  • Lethargy (Level 42): Slow and Heavy effect on target
  • Aetherial Manipulation(Level 50): Move to party member

Black Mage Skills

  • Convert: Convert instantly 20% of HP into 30% of maximum MP.


There are many traits gained when you level up. There are 2 most important traits for Thaumaturge: Thundercloud and Firestarter. When Thundercloud effect is up, the next Thunder skill will deal full damage with no casting time and cost no MP. When Firestarter effect is up the next Fire III will have no casting time and cost no MP.


Low Level Rotation

Black Mage is relatively easy to play in terms of rotation. Fire’s damage increases overtime. Ice recovers mana quickly. Therefore, the rotation is build around Fire skill.

  1. Start with Thunder for DoT.
  2. Fire until mana is low (or Use the macro described below)
  3. Transpose
  4. Thunder or Physick or Blizzard depending on the situation
  5. Back to Step 2

Single Target Rotation

At Level 44, you will gain Firestarter which grants a 40% chance that upon casting Fire, the next Fire III will require no MP and have no casting time. At this point, you should adjust the rotation accordingly.

  1. Start with Thunder III for DoT.
  2. Fire III
  3. Fire until MP is low (around 500 to 800)
    • If Firestarter is activated, cast Fire III
    • If Thunderclound is activated, cast Thunder III.
  4. Blizzard III (If no MP left, use Transpose or Convert)
  5. Back to Step 2

We use Blizzard III instead of Transpose. Transpose grants Umbral Ice I while Blizzard III grants Umbral Ice III. Therefore Blizzard III recovers MP much faster. In addition, the casting time for Blizzard III is cut in half when Astral Fire III is up. The casting time for Fire III is cut in half as well when Umbral Ice III is up. This rotation is faster and stronger.

AoE Rotation

It is best to cast Flare when Astral Fire III is up. By using Conversion and Swiftcast, you basically cast 2 flares in very short time. Please note that Flare use all MP but it does not require full MP.

  1. Flare
  2. Convert
  3. Swiftcast
  4. Flare
  5. Transpose

Please note that Convert has 3 minutes cooldown. When Convert is not available, you can use the single rotation.

  1. Swiftcast
  2. Flare
  3. Transpose

Hotbar Assignment

Hotbar 1: 1 – Fire III, 2 – Fire, 3 – Blizzard III, 4 – Transpose, 5 – Sleep, 6 – Scathe, 7 – Manawall, 8 – Raging Strike, 9 – Surecast, 0 – Physick

Hotbar 2: 1 – Thunder III, 2 – Fire II, 3 – Blizzard II, 4 – Flare, 5 – Convert, 6 – Swiftcast – 7 – Manaward, 8 – Virus

Hotbar 1 contains mostly single target skills. Hotbar 2 contaons mostly AoE skills. It make rotation much easier to use. For example, the AoE rotation mentioned above is simply the following: CTRL-4, CTRL-5, CTRL-6, CTRL-4 and 4.

Hotbar 3: Other skills using mouse such as Limitbreak, Freeze and Protect

Cross-Class Skills

As Thaumaturge , you can use cross-class skills from all classes. Once you are a Black Mage, you can only use cross-class skills from Arcanist and Archer. Although there is no real benefit to play as Black Mage in early stage, I personally like to play Black Mage at Level 30. For this reason, I only use actions from Arcanist and Archer anyway.

  • Physick
  • Virus
  • Raging Strike


What is Combat Control?

T is the only class that can put the enemy in sleep mode for 30 seconds. As a T, you should not forget that you have this skill. If the Tank marks the attack sequence, sleep the last enemy before attack the first one. If the Tank do not mark, sleep the one not attacked by the tank and mark it sleep.

What is Limit Break?

Limit Break is an action available during party play such as Dungeons and Trials. The use of Limit Break is critical in Boss Fight. T’s Limit Break (LB) is AoW Limit Break (Others are Single Target LB and Defense LB). You should only use the Limit Break if there are many adds need to be defeated quickly (e.g. Ifrit Hard Mode).

Should I use Surecast?

Most casts will not be interrupted. Surecast only guarantee one cast and recast time is 30 seconds. In the case when the cast is interrupted all the time. Schepth should be used instead. Personally, I do not use Surecast.

Useful Macros

Thaumaturge did not really need macros.

Heal The Tank

As a Thaumaturge , your job is not healing. However situation may raise that Tank need your help. This macro allow you to heal the tank without changing the target.

/ac "Physick" <tt>

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