Advanced Crafting Guide

Finally you made to Level 50 and then realized that the game of crafting is just started. Due to stats requirement for high level item, you cannot even make some simple stuff. There is no dungeon gears or darklight gears for crafting classes. Everything has to be crafted by yourself (or bought from market if this does not defeat the purpose of crafting). This guide will help you going through the struggle and making 2-star HQ items.

Crafting Gears

In order to make 2-star items, you will need to have 347 on Craftsmanship and 318 on Control. The requirement for 1-star items are lower. But there is a challenge if you just reached Level 50. Once you completed Level 50 job quest, you will get a mainhand tool and an optional Artifact gear for the class. The main-hand tool is your end-game tool. For other gears, you will have to get the HQ version and meld with tons of materias. As a craftsman, you will have to master the art of Materia Melting.

Materia Basic

There are 24 types of materias in the game. DoH classes are benefited from Craftsman’ Cunning (+CP), Craftsman’ Competence (+Craftsmanship) and Craftsman’ Command (+Control). Many gears have 1 to 2 materia slots which allows you attaching a materia to it with 100% chance of success. Once the materia slots are used, you can still attach a materia with lower chance of success (over-meld). However, each gear is limited to maximum of 5 materias and there are stat caps as well.

Crafting Materia Stats

Materia Stats
Craftsman’ Cunning I CP+1
Craftsman’ Cunning II CP+2
Craftsman’ Cunning III CP+3
Craftsman’ Cunning IV CP+4
Craftsman’ Competence I Craftsmanship+3
Craftsman’ Competence II Craftsmanship+4
Craftsman’ Competence III Craftsmanship+5
Craftsman’ Competence IV Craftsmanship+6
Craftsman’ Command I Control+1
Craftsman’ Command II Control+2
Craftsman’ Command III Control+3
Craftsman’ Command IV Control+4

Control materia is normally the most expensive materia followed by CP and Craftsmanship materia. Therefore, you should use the materia slot for Control materia.

Crafting Materia Caps

In addition to main-hand and offhand tools, Head, Body, Glove, Leg and Feet gears are class specific as well. The Waist and other accessories are cross-class gears. Therefore you should start with accessories first (e.g. Red Coral Earrings). Please note that all stats are based on HQ version of the item.

Slot Item Craftsmanship Control CP
Base Materia Base Materia Base Materia
Main Hand Level 50 Job Quest 107 61
Offhand Various 107 19 61 11   3
Head Various   4 31 5 3  
Body Various 92 16 31 5 3  
Hands Various   4 31 5 3  
Waist Raptorskin Merchant’s Purse   3 26 5   3
Legs Various 3 1 31 5   3
Feet Various 3 1 31 5   3
Neck Electrum Choker   3   3 30 5
Ear Red Coral Earrings   3   3 28 6
Wrist Militia Wristlets   4   4 32 6
Ring 1 Aetheryte Ring   4   4 17 3
Ring 2 Aetheryte Ring   4   4 17 3
Total 378 362 348 (inc 180 base)

Obviously it will not be cost-effective and necessary to achieve the perfect stats because the chance of successful over-melting getting lower and lower. I would suggest to invest on accessories which are shared among all crafting classes. Once you have the accessories ready, you do not need to over-meld the AF gears.

Recommended Materia Melting Sequence

  • Red Coral Earrings: +3 Control, +3 CP, +2 CP, then spam +1 CP and +3 Craft
  • Militia Wristlets: +3 Control, +3 CP, +4 Craft, +3 CP, and then spam +1 Control
  • Aethryte Ring: +3 Control, +3 CP, +4 Craft and then spam +1 Control
  • Electrum Choker: +3 Control, +3 CP, +2 CP and then spam +3 Craft
  • Raptorskin Merchant’s Purse: +3 Control, +3 CP, +2 Control and then spam +3 Craft
  • AF Head: +4 Craft, +3 Control
  • AF Body: +5 Craft, +3 Control
  • AF Hand: +4 Craft, +3 Control
  • AF Leg and Feet: +3 Control, +3 CP and then spam +1 Craft
  • Offhand Tool: It only has one slot. You can add whatever is lacking.

At this point, you should have 348 Craftsman, 340 Control and 345 CP. With some CP food, you should be comfortably make HQ 2-star items. Please note that we do not use any materia IV here. Normally the cost of materia IV is very expensive. It will be much cost-effective to use materia III and below.


In general, you do not need foods if you have mastered the crafting. However, food certainly helps at beginning or crafting 2-star item. I would recommend CP food over Craftsmanship and Control food.

  • Bouillabaisse: CP+10% (Max 34)
  • Pea Soup: CP+10% (Max 21)

Cross-Class Skills

We discussed many cross-class skills in the intermediate guide. There are another set of cross-class skills available at Level 50. At Level 50, you will have 10 slots for cross-class skills as well. We divide all these skills into 2 sections:

Must Haves

  1. Steady Hand II (CUL37): HQ is not about luck. You should level Culinarian to 37 first once obtained other Level 15 must-have skills.
  2. Hasty Touch (CUL15): We have analyzed the Steady Hand & Hasty Touch combination statistically. It doubles your quality output.
  3. Manipulation (GSM15): You have limited choices for basic material (durability 40). However, you can certainly manipulated the outcome.
  4. Tricks of the Trade (ALC15): More CP gives you more option at the end. However, do not use it when Steady Hand & Waste Not is up.
  5. Waste Not (LTW15): It is useful for low durability item.
  6. Ingenuity II (BSM50): Lowers recipe level to 3 below current level for the next 5 steps (32 CP). With Ingenuity II, you can finish the 1-star basic material with one Careful Synthesis II.
  7. Byregot’s Blessing (CRP50): This is your best friend for HQ stared items. We will discuss in greater details later.
  8. Careful Synthesis II (WVR50): 120% efficiency with 0 CP. What else can you ask?
  9. Ingenuity (BSM15): We never mentioned this skill before. It reduces the level of the current craft to your current level for the next 5 steps for 24 CP. If you do not have Ingenuity II, Ingenuity is still good.

Nice to Haves

  1. Comfort Zone (ALC50): Restores 8 CP after each step for the next 10 steps (66 CP cost). Every CP counts.
  2. Innovation (GSM50): Increases control by 50% for the next 3 steps. (18 CP)
  3. Rumination (CRP15): As Byregot’s Blessing removes Inner Quiet effect, Rumination will not be used much at high level.
  4. Rapid Synthesis (ARM15): I am not a big fan of Rapid Synthesis. However, it has its usefulness when your craftsmanship is low. It is calculated risk. If you must use it, use it with Steady Hand II.
  5. Waste Not II (LTW50): Reduces loss of durability by 50% for the next 8 steps. (98 CP cost)

The Finishing Touch

In our intermediate guide, we used Rumination to recover CPs built by Inner Quiet and performed 3 additional Hasty Touch. This gave 150% more quality output. At Carpenter Level 50, you gain another cross-class skill called Byregot’s Blessing. Byregot’s Blessing gives 100% quality output plus 20% for each Inner Quiet (IQ) stack. If there are 6 IQ stacks, the quality output for Byregot’s Blessing will be 220%. In addition, there is Control bonus for each IQ stack as well. As the results, a single Byregot’s Blessing will generate 550% quality output (assuming base quality of 100 and 10% IQ control bonus). Below the our new crafting sequence for Durability 40 Item. The total quality output is 1390% (with Byregot’s Blessing) vs. 990% (without Byregot’s Blessing).

Crafting Sequence (Durability 40)

* check material condition after the action. Cast Tricks of the Trade if condition is good.

  1. Comfort Zone *
  2. Inner Quiet *
  3. Steady Hand II
  4. Waste Not
  5. Hasty Touch X 4
  6. *Hasty Touch*
  7. Manipulation*
  8. Steady Hand II
  9. Waste Not
  10. Hasty Touch X 4
  11. *Steady Hand
  12. Ingenuity or Ingenuity II for stared items
  13. Byregot’s Blessing
  14. Careful Synthesis II

The total CP requirement is 314 without Ingenuity (338 with Ingenuity). However, there is high chance of getting at least one Tricks of the Trade. In this case, the total CP required will be 294 (318). At lower level, you can still use Byregot’s Blessing without the last Steady Hand. Although there 10% chance of failed Byregot’s Blessing, the CP required is only 272.

Notes: Byregot’s Blessing will remove the Inner Quiet effect. It does not remove the Control bonus gained by IQ although this may be changed in the future.


The crafting sequence above assumes the item can be completed with one Synthesis action. When the item cannot be completed by one Synthesis, you can replace the step 5 with a Synthesis action.

For stared items, you need the help of Ingenuity (BSM15) or Ingenuity II (BSM50). The quality output can be further improved by Great Strides and Innovation. However, all these actions cost CP. You can adjust the finishing touch sequence based on remaining CP:

  • Steady Hand (22 CP)
  • Great Strides (32 CP)
  • Innovation (18 CP)
  • Ingenuity (24 CP) or Ingenuity II (32 CP)
  • Byregot’s Blessing (24 CP)

The finishing touch concept can be applied to high durability item as well. At this level, you should be able to adjust the sequence accordingly.

Importance of Ingenuity

Ingenuity and Ingenuity II are must-have skills to craft stared items. This is because of the level penalty in quality and progress output:

Progress = ( 0.21 * Craftsmanship + 1.2 ) * ( 1 - 0.10 * Level Penalty) 
Quality = ( 0.37 * Control + 32.6 ) * ( 1 - 0.05 * Level Penalty)

Level Penalty is the difference between the item level and the character level. The maximum level penalty is 5. For stared items, you will always take the maximum level penalty. In other words, the progress will be cut in half particularly. Ingenuity will remove the level penalty for the next 5 steps. Ingenuity II on other hand give you 15% of Progress bonus as it bring the recipe to 3 level below the character level.

Progress = ( 0.21 * Craftsmanship + 1.2 ) * ( 1 + 0.05 * Level Bonus) 

Please note that there is no level bonus for quality output.


Here are some tips and tricks as the conclusion to our advanced guide.

  • Upon reach Level 50, upgrade your gears first before making stared items.
  • If you have to use food, CP food is better as it gives you more options.
  • Do not use macro when making stared items
  • You can use Byregot’s Blessing earlier if the material condition is “Excellent”.
  • Do not attend stared item without Ingenuity and Byregot’s Blessing
  • Steady II and Hasty Touch is still your best bet as we do not start at 378 Craftsmanship, 362 Controls and 345 CP.

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