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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (FFXIV: ARR) is a MMORPG game for Windows, PS3 and PS4. It is Square Enix’s effort to revive the original Final Fantasy XIV (1.0 or Legacy). This guide is intended for new players who never played Final Fantasy XIV.


A Realm Reborn takes place in Eorzea, one of three continents in the fictional world of Hydaelyn. At end of legacy FFXIV, Garlean Empire tried to summon Hydaelyn’s second moon, Dalamud, so it would fall on Eorzea and cleanse it. The Garlean Empire and the Eorzean Alliance clashed on the Carteneau Flats in Mor Dhona, the impact site of Dalamud. As they fight, Dalamud broke up in the sky and released the ancient Primal Bahamut. After the attempt to reseal Bahamut failed, Archon Louisoix, a Scholar sent the remnants of the Eorzean Alliance’s army and the Adventurers into the future.

This is when you start as a Adventurer in FFXIV: ARR. You will learn the history through the main storyline quests. It is good to know a bit of background before the adventure.

Character Creation

During the character creation, you will need to select the race, the guardian, class, world and customize the appearance of your character. The world determines which server you will be playing. Currently there are 2 server groups: Japan and North America/Europe. Although there is no restriction on which server group you can play, it is better to choose the server group closer to your home. Square Enix will offer world transfer service.

The race determines the starting attributes and the guardian determines the element resistances. The Armory System is the most interesting aspect of ARR. You will not be stuck with one class. You can simply switch class by switching the main weapon. The class chosen during character creation only determines the starting city and first 10 levels of play. Upon unlocking the Armory System at level 10, you will be able to unlock other class (joining another guild) and switch freely while not in combat.

If you do not like the race and appearance of the character, Square Enix will offer Fantasia, a Veteran Reward for first 30 days subscript that allows you changing your character’s appearance only once.



There are 5 playable races and each race has 2 clans. The race determines the starting attributes of your character. As the differences are marginal at end game (0.5% according to SE), you should simply choose the race to your liking, not to worry about the starting attributes. This guide will help you Understand The Attributes.

  • Hyur: Midlander and Highlander
  • Elezen: Wildwood and Duskwight
  • Lalafell: Plainsfolk and Dunesfolk
  • Miqo’te: Seekers of the Sun and Keepers of the Moon
  • Roegadyn: Sea Wolves and Hellsguard.


The Twelve are Hydaelyn’s ancient deities. You will be choosing one of them as your guardian. It determines your base elemental resistances for Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Lightning and Water. The differences are very small. The Twelve are Halone – The Fury, Menphina – the Lover, Thaliak – the Scholar, Nymeia – the Spinner, Llymlaen – the Navigator, Oschon – the Wanderer, Byregot – the Builder, Rhalgr – the Destroyer, Azeyma – the Warden, Nald’thal – the Traders, Nophica – the Matron, and Althyk – the Keeper.


Final Fantasy divides various class into four disciples: Disciples of War, Disciples of Magic, Disciples of Hand and Disciples of Lane. Only battle classes can be selected during character creation. This class will determine the starting city i.e your hometown.

Disciples of War
  • Gladiator starts in Ul’Dah and fills the role of Tank in party play. Gladiator make sure of swords and shields. His/her goal to survive high amounts of damage and keep enemies away from party members. At level 30, Gladiator can progress to the Paladin job.
  • Pugilist starts in Ul’Dah and fills the role of DPS (Damage Per Second) in party play. Pugilist primarily deals damage by stringing together combos, shifting between Raptor, Coeurl, and Opo-opo form. At level 30, Pugilist can progress to the Monk job.
  • Marauder starts in Limsa Lominsa and fills the role of Tank in party play. Marauder holding enemies by dealing damage with increased enmity and provide defense for themselves in the form of HP enhancing and self healing abilities. At level 30, Marauder can progress to the Warrior job.
  • Lancer starts in Gridania and fills the role of DPS (Damage Per Second) in party play. Lancer use combos to increase its attack, or decrease the monster’s resistance to piercing damage. At level 30, Lancer can progress to the Dragoon job.
  • Archer starts in Gridania and fills the role of DPS (Damage Per Second) in party play. As a ranged damage dealer with high mobility, Archer provide much needed party support when progressing to the Bard job.
Disciples of Magic
  • Thaumaturge starts in Ul’Dah and fills the role of DPS in party play. Thaumaturge have good overall balance between single target, AoE (Area of Effect) and combat control. At level 30, Thaumaturge can progress to the Black Mage job.
  • Conjurer starts in Gridania and fills the role of Healer in party play. Conjurer’s job is to keep party member alive. At level 30, Conjurer’s can progress to the White Mage job.
  • Arcanist starts in Limsa Lominsa and fills the role of DPS or Healer in party play. Arcanist also makes use of a summoned companion, the primal Carbuncle. At level 30, Arcanist can progress to the Summoner or Scholar job.
Disciples of Hand

Disciples of Hand are crafting classes. Currently there are 8 classes:

  • Armorers focus on metal armors.
  • Blacksmiths focus on metal weapons.
  • Carpenters focus on wooden weapon or armors.
  • Weavers focus on cloth armors.
  • Leatherworkers focus on leather armors.
  • Goldsmiths focus on jewelery such as rings and chokers.
  • Alchemists focus on Arcanist grimoires and the creation of potions.
  • Culinarians focus on food grants a beneficial buff.
Disciples of Lane

Disciples of Lane are gathering classes. Currently there are 3 classes:

  • Miners gather ore, raw gemstones, and mineral sands.
  • Botanists raw wood, plant fibers.
  • Fishers gather fishes as ingredients.

Getting Started

Depending the starting class you choose during character creation, You will be arrived at one of three major cities: Ul’dah, Gridania and Limsa Lominsa. The first task teaches you the basic movements using keys or mouses. SE provided detailed documentation on User Interface such as movement, hot-bars. If you do not like the pre-defined key assignment, they can be changed using System > Keybind.

Basic Movement

WSAD is the basic keys for movement (W – Forward, S – Backward, A – Turn Left, D – Turn Right). Moving backwards is very slow as in the real life. You can use Q (Strafe Left) and E (Strafe Right) to move out danger quickly in the battle. It is very useful to learn how to run in a circle using the key combinations.


You will learn the advanced combat mechanism when you play the class. Here are some basic shared among all classes.

  • You will need to target the enemy in order to attack it. You use mouse or TAB key to select it. However, there are other ways of targeting. For example, F11 will select the nearest enemies.
  • Magic Spells cost MP and weapon skills cost TP, both of which restore over time.
  • For every skills/actions, there is a global cooldown of 2.5 seconds. Some actions may have longer cooldown.
  • Many weapon skills can combo. Combos can make the attacks more powerful.
  • For each class, there is Rotation that make your attack more effective.
  • Many enemies’ attacks can be avoid by getting out of red area on the ground.


It is very easy getting lost in the city for the start. ARR provides a detailed mapping system (Hotkey: M) and a compass to help your adventures. Just like real life map, you will need to know the legends.

Compass is shown on the top-right corner. It shows the direction and quest monster locations. There is X-Y coordination below the compass as well.


The three major cities are surrounded by the three major regions: Thanalan, Black Shround or La Noscea. In addition, there is Coerthas Central Highlands north of Black Shround and Mor Dhona north of Thanalan. La Noscea is an island at south and can only be accessed through airship or ferries. All other regions are connected.


There are many ways to move from one place to another. You will be learning them as you progress.


Aetheryte are located in three cites and major towns. Once you unlock the Aetheryte by “attune” it, you can set the Aetheryte as your home point or one of three favorite points. You can “Return” to the home point every 15 minutes. Home Point is also the place where you re-spawn if you lost the battle. You can “Teleport” to unlocked Aetheryte with a fee. The fee are reduced for the favorite points.


Shard are used for intra-city movement. You have to unlock it before you can use it. When all Shards are unlocked in a city, it can be used to move out of city quickly as well.

Other Transportation
  • Chocobo Route: You can rent the Chocobo in major town and move to another town with a fee.
  • Ferry: The Ferry cost from 100 gil to 200 gil except a few are free.
  • Airship: Around level 15, you will be given the privilege to use Airship for 200 gil. It allows you moving from one city to another quickly.
  • Mounts: Mounts allow you moving around quickly. Most players will have Companies issued Chocobo as their first mount.

Armory System

Once you unlock the Armory System around Level 10, you are free to join another guild and play other class. Now you can change class easily by switch your main weapon.

Gear Set

A Gear Set associates other armors with the main weapon (i.e. class or job). A Gear Set contains Main Weapon, OffHand, Head, Body, Hands, Waist, Legs, Feet, Neck, Ears, Waist, Left Finger and Right Finger.

Cross Class Actions

ARR allows you to use some actions from other classes. For example, a Thauamage can use “Cure” from Conjurer. You will be given one cross-class-action slot every 5 levels. Although you can use Action from other class, it may not be as effective. Once you specialized in a job (e.g. Blackmage), you can only choose Actions from 2 other classes.


ARR has many quests that guide you through the game and help you level. Main Storyline quests and side quests can only be done once. Leve Quests are repeatable.

  • Main Storyline Quest: These are quests with blue background. They are not only telling the story but also unlocking game functions such as Leve, Retainer, Grand Companies, Chocobo, Dungeons and End Game Contents.
  • Side Quests: These are optional quests but giving good amount of EXPs.
  • Class/Job Specific Quests: Normally there is a class or job specific quest every 5 level. The quest is designed to help you the game play for each class/job.
  • Leve: Leve quests are repeatable as long as you have the allowance. You will be given 3 allowances every 12 hours with maximum of 99 allowances. Leve can be acceptable in the city and major towns. There are 3 types of Leves:
    • Levemete
    • Guildhest
    • Grand Company Leve
  • FATE: FATE stands for Full Active Timed Event. FATE is good source of EXPs for leveling.

Advanced Game Functions

There are many advanced game functions such as Macro, Leve, Duty Finder, Retainer, Free Company, Grand Companies, etc. Whenever you encounter the situation, the game will pop up the help window to explain the details. However, the help window might be a moment too late. Below is a list of detailed guides:

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